Wexford On Ice Safety Guidelines

Ice Skating is a fun and enjoyable activity and is a lot of fun for the entire family but it does presents some risks, especially for inexperienced skaters.

Remember that you skate at your own risk and, with that in mind, following our safe skating advice will ensure that your visit to Wexford on Ice is enjoyable and minimise the possibility of an accident. Ice Marshals are present on the rink at all times during all sessions and you are required to adhere to the our safe-skating guidelines.

If you are new to skating or have young children it is best to take them during a time when the rink is less crowded. You can call us on 053 91 99199 to find out when the rink is not as busy and choose this time to take them.

Enjoy and have Fun from all the team at Wexford on Ice.


Safety FAQ’s

  1. Are sessions supervised?
    A. Ice Marshalls are present on the rink during all sessions and you are required to adhere to the safe skating guidelines.
  2. Do I need special clothing?
    A. Do wear gloves; bring them with you as they are not available at the venue. Bring a thick pair of socks, these will ensure that your feet are comfortable while skating. Trailing clothing is not permitted whilst skating.
  3. Can I bring my camera?
    A. The use of cameras, music players or any hand-held equipment is not permitted whilst skating.
  4. Is there a qualified first aid person on site?
    A. In the event of an accident, Wexford on Ice will have a qualified person on duty to provide first aid.


General FAQ

  1. Do you post out tickets if I book online?
    A. No, if you book online then your tickets are sent to the email address that you specified when making the booking. We don’t post tickets.
  2. How long do Ice Skating Sessions last?
  3. Each session is 50 minutes and starts on the hour. Please arrive 20 minutes before the session starts to get your ticket if you need to and get your skates on.
  4. Do you have a cloak room?  Yes we do, it costs €2 to use this facility.
  5. Do I have to book or can I just turn up?
    A. You can turn up and you will probably get a ticket, however if you want to be guaranteed a particular time then we recommend that you book in advance.
  6. What’s the maximum age for a Child Ticket?
    A. Children’s tickets are for ages 12 and under. Children must be accompanied by an adult although the adult doesn’t have to skate!
  7. If I have booked tickets and can\’t make it, what happens?
    A. We have a no exchange or refund policy on Wexford on Ice Tickets, if you cannot make it we suggest that you try and give your tickets to someone else.
  8. Is it suitable for young children?
    A. Wexford on Ice has a special supervised team trained in this area and our rink and skates are suitable for children of about 3 years and upwards. For younger and less experienced children we recommend you bring them during a quieter session. Our Box Office team on 053 91 99199 can advise on this.
  9. Do you provide skates and what is your largest size?
    A. Skates are provided and included in the price. Our largest size is 14.
  10. Are you insured if I fall and injure myself?
    A. Wexford on Ice is a fully insured event. This is an Ice Rink and there is a strong likelihood that you may fall. You skate at your own risk, we cannot be responsible for injuries sustained as a result of ice skating.
  11. Is there food available at the venue?
    A. Wexford on Ice has its very own Ice Café which has plenty of hot chocolate with marshmallows, along with other beverages and snacks.
  12. Is there an admission fee if I’m not skating?
    A. There is no charge for entry to the event for spectators.
  13. Can I bring my own skates?
    A. Yes you are welcome to bring your own skates.
  14. Do you provide safety equipment?
    A. You are free to bring your own safety equipment for example helmets, elbow and knee pads
  15. What clothing should I wear?
    A. You are advised to wear warm light clothing if possible. Do bring a change of socks just in case and be sure at wear gloves while skating.
  16. Can I book by phone?
    A. Yes, you can call us on 053 91 99199 to make a booking or for more information.
  17. Do you provide skating aids on the ice for inexperienced skaters?
  18. Yes, we provide a number of skating aids on the ice that operate on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a limited number available so it is best to arrive at the venue in advance of your session to ensure availability.