Safety Guidelines

Wexford on Ice Do’s and Don’ts

Please follow our safety guidelines


  • Wear gloves – bring a pair with you as they are not available at the venue.
  • We recommend that you use a helmet. There are helmets available to hire for €2 and all funds go directly to charity. You can also bring your own helmet if you wish.
  • Use knee pads and elbow pads if you wish.
  • Enjoy yourself!


  • Use cameras, phones, music players or any handheld equipment while skating.
  • Wear trailing clothing or scarves.
  • Be a nuisance – if you’re a danger to yourself or others you will be asked to leave the rink.
  • Drink alcohol before skating.
  • Cause offence to others who are on the ice.


  • While all reasonable measures are in place to ensure your safety, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the safety information prior to entering the rink. It is your responsibility to bring to the attention of the Ice Marshal any event or act which may impact on your safety while skating.
  • In the event of an accident, Wexford on Ice will have a qualified person on duty to provide first aid.
  • If your child is a young toddler they may not fully understand all of the rules and we also ask parents to keep extra close eye on your little one at all times.
  • Always pay attention to the skaters around you and pay special attention to skaters ahead of you as they cannot see you coming.

Remember that ice skating can definitely be a fun activity for the whole family, as long as the rules of safety are closely followed.